Top 8 Website Link Checking Resources

Organic traffic from sources like search engines is growing rapidly, and this is mostly due to: Organic search referrals make for over half (53%) of all website visits. When it comes to making money for businesses that cater to other businesses, organic search is unrivaled. As opposed to paid ads or social media, organic search drives the most traffic. (The information came from BrightEdge.) Despite all the talk, social media only drives around 5% of all organic traffic. Short version: organic search traffic is critical. A major factor in how...
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Can you explain what a canonical URL is? Guide to Search Engine Optimization

We may discuss your concerns regarding canonical URLs, such as duplicating content and how Google may select your canonical sites. In SEO, the word "canonical tag" is expected to become increasingly commonplace as talks expand to include cross-functional partners such as engineering, analytics, etc. If you're new to search engine optimization, it may look complicated at first glance. This article will explain the ins and outs of canonical tags, including what they are, why they matter, how they function in practice, where they should belong, and more. Tell me what...
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how to do SEO for Websites?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is frequently referred to be the hardest component of digital marketing to understand, despite its importance. You need website visitors in order to start a blog, online store, or software as a service venture. And generating organic traffic is necessary in order to rank in Google for specific keywords. It's important to have the right tools because just about 10% of websites receive any organic Google traffic. Use the most effective techniques available when reviewing your Google ranks, doing keyword research, inspecting your website, examining your...
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Google Analytics 4 update in 2023

The latest analytics tool from the corporation, Google Analytics 4, has been introduced (GA4). GA4, formerly known as Universal Analytics, is a significant upgrade from its forerunner (UA). Google will start the process of formally decommissioning UA this time next year. All default UA attributes will stop accepting new data on July 1, 2023. Improvement Techniques The University Marketing and Communications (UMC) division is in charge of managing the campus' transition from UA to GA4. Although lengthy, this process will provide us more precise data on which to base our...
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How to do Technical SEO for New Website?

Technical SEO and content SEO are the two main subfields of search engine optimization (SEO). The great majority of their waking hours, if not all of them, are spent thinking about their work as content creators. After all, it is how a writer sees the world. Exactly what the user sees. We are constantly confronted by the substance, which is purportedly so significant. Webmasters need to consider other aspects of technical metrics in addition to SEO. What exactly does "technical SEO" mean? In this context, "SEO" stands for "search engine...
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SEO Tools in 2023

Authority Labs, position nine. Another useful SEO tool with a very simple interface is Authority Labs. Launching several websites and fine-tuning SEO campaigns is made simple with Authority Labs. As an extra advantage, using this technique makes it possible to acquire location-specific rank tracking, which is quite helpful for focusing on your target market. Another choice is to keep an eye on the SEO efforts of the opposition. WHAT IT DOES BEST: Using our worldwide monitoring system, you can easily keep an eye on local and international activity for many...
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