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To determine whether or not an email server is legitimate, this program checks its IP address against more than a hundred DNS-based email blacklists. Your emails may not be delivered to their destinations if the mail server you use is blacklisted. To reduce undesired spam email, "blacklists" are the most often used strategy. MX If you ever find yourself in a position where you need the address of your email server but you don't know it, look it up first on Lookup. An IP address may be disabled after a lengthy period of inactivity. The error message "this site can't be accessed by the backlist ip" will be shown, and neither the outgoing nor the incoming email will be processed. A little SEO tool is made available to you so that you may examine the current condition of the website. Simply type in the URL you want to search, and after clicking a button, the tool will return a list of results from the database servers.